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No one could have guessed that in 2015, we would still be listening to music on vinyl records. Since 2009 US vinyl album sales have grown by 260%. When you listen to vinyl exclusively, you unconsciously make the decision to have never, ever to be confronted again with MP3s. Vinyl produces a mahogany-rich sound yes, but not only.

Most of the music you listen to is stored and broadcast in a lossy format where details are lost, and quality reduce. Vinyl is what’s called a lossless format. Nothing has been lost when pressing a record. It sounds as good as the producer or band intended.

Gramowox understood it. The Chicago-based firm reimagined vintage audio design with modern technology and conceived the Floating Record, a new sound system that boasts audiophile-grade components and plays records vertically. Like its predecessor, the Floating Record sits on a wood base, but instead of lying flat, the turntable and tone arm rise vertically from the base. A real peace of art! The device includes a headphone and RCA audio output and two speakers, embedded in the base, but can also be run through a larger sound system.

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