Going to concerts could increase our life expectancy

According to a study conducted by the British mobile phone company O2, it can be said with confidence that concerts are good for your health! Patrick Fagan, a science researcher from the English Society O2, conducted a study to determine the new benefits of live music. It would appear that an exhibition of only 20 minutes in a concert would increase feelingsof well-being by 21%, and could even increase self-esteem by 25%, as well as leading to animprovedcontact with others by 25%.

“Our research shows the profound impact that concerts can have on of health, happiness and well-being. The key is to attend to a concert every two weeks or at least on a regular basis. From reflections of our research with O2, we are able to say that a concert every two weeks could increase life expectancy by about 10 years, “said Patrick Fagan.

Recall, however, that the company O2, who commissioned this study, has several concert halls throughout the United Kingdom, including the O2 Arena … Today, various theories, more or less modern, praise the benefits of music on psychopathologies, depression, addiction, neurological or cardiac diseases, sexual or gynecological disturbances, skin problems, and even tinnitus. It could evenhelp plants to grow faster and push cows to produce more milk …

“Good music does not make mistake and go straight to the bottom of the soul to seek the sorrow that devours us,” said one day Stendhal. Yes, but let’s not forget that the line between scientific veracity and superstition remains very thin …

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