The wedding is one of the biggest event of our life, and we all want it to be the most memorable moment, right? If you are planning to get married, why not take it to a whole new level and do it underwater in Trang Islands, Thailand?

With its tropical location and the best emerald see and hidden beaches in the world, it’s no wonder why Thailand is a magnet for couples looking to get married. But there is one location in Southern Thailand, Trang Islands, that has taken a unique approach to couples tying the knot. Rather than a beach wedding, couples dive and sign marital commitments in Scuba equipment at a depth of 12 meters.



Back to the nineties

The Trang Underwater Bridal Ceremony became the first underwater weeding held in the mid-1990s when one couple decided they wanted to do something different and get married underwater. The idea soon caught on, and in 1997, the first weddings underwater was on, on the intitiative of Khun Youngyudh Vichaidit, Governor of Trang and Khun Surin Tohtubtiang, President of the Trang Chamber of Commerce.



The Traditional Thai Wedding with a Twist


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After a flight to Trang Islands, you are welcomed by local Thai with flower petals. Then you wear the traditional Thai’s costume and be part of the parade through Trang town, with heaps and cheering and special wishes from the local. On the marriage day, couples are taken via speedboat on a cruise with music and dancers to the island of Ko Kradan where the ceremony is hosted by Thai elders in the traditional way. On Ko Kradan during the rod nam sang ceremony, water is poured from a conch shell over the hands of the bride and groom. Then, the couples who are qualified divers are then taken offshore to be part of the underwater ceremony while the others remain on the beach watching on.

Just remember, this is only a ceremony, so you ought to go through the formalities listed HERE and register with the authority to be officialy husband and wife.





Getting there

Direct domestic flights to Trang Airport arrive via Bangkok daily.

The event is organized every year by the Trang Chamber of Commerce in association with the Trang Province, Trang Municipality and the Tourism Authority of Thailand as well as other participating local authorities and private sector organizations.






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