Global film festival returns to Saigon with a 2-hour screening show of world’s and Vietnam’s finest short films, this Friday 1st June at Saigon Outcast. Hands-On the E cinema platform in Vietnam had a closer look on it and give us more detail about the festival.


Future Shorts” is the planet’s largest and most recognized network for filmmakers of short meter, it was established 13 years ago in UK and currently grew its footprint to about 100 cities in 40 countries. In 2018, creative cartel “The Spectacle Saigon” officially partners again with “Future Shorts” to bring its quarterly selected programme to Vietnamese and international audience of those passionate for films and cinema.





In this Spring Screening the programme will accommodate 5 films selected by festival’s global curators and 5 features from filmmakers that live and work in Vietnam. The format has no room for rules – viewers will enjoy whole variety of ideas, genres and film execution. Producer Becca Whitting said: “We couldn’t be happier to see how Future Shorts has grown since we started organizing the Vietnam edition. This Spring Screening is headed by five excellent films, to which we are excited to add a number of locally produced works. The Saigon Outcast venue will also provide more space for more people to come and see how a more experimental side to film can be equally enriching. We want everyone to enjoy, but also to reflect and ask questions to the many filmmakers attending. It’s all fun and films”…

Follow up the article and the Global Festival Spring season 2018 Programme on HANDS-ON.



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