Everybody talk about the Hip-hop French dancer and choreographer Marion Motin. Well known for her collaboration in Europe and the States with Stromae, Madona, Angel Preljocaj and Blanca or as choreographer of “Christine and the Queens” and the musical « Resist,» Marion Motin is the today unmissable Hip-hop artist.

Conscious of the difficulty to exist as a woman in this most exclusive men’s world, she creates in 2009 the « Swaggers » the first crew exclusively feminine and proposes since a classy and alternative Hip-hop. His show «  In the middle » was born of a questioning: “How to stay consistent when emotions overwhelm us? How to find our place, our harmony between body and soul, between us and others? In this show constructed as a film, she explores on the Door’s, Lhasa’s and Pixies’ music the tensions between coherence and emotion through a pictorial, instinctive, and sensitive choreography. The scene becomes a place of exploration, in a graphic and phantasmagoric universe.

In  Swaggers’s underground world, if Hip-hop remains the dominant style, diversity persist. From Street dance to Popping through to B.girling, or Waaking, Krump, and House, the dance company jostle the music culture and impose a brand new alternative Hi-hop.


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