How can one eat healthy and local products all-the-while respecting our environment? In Vietnam, it is difficult to find the time to go to find different local producers when you are active, an expatriate, and do not speak Vietnamese. Impossible, though? No! The Organic initiatives and the number of people interested in receiving healthy products is on the rise in HCMC. So, if you are looking for organic vegetables and fruits delivery, read on!


ZeFarmBox delivers weekly fruit and vegetable baskets coming from growers in Dalat. The arrivals are daily for an optimal freshness. 3, 5 or 8 kg boxes are available and certified without chemicals. The products will be delivered to you in a bamboo basket left in deposit.

Vunrau delivers fruit baskets to your door. The website is in Vietnamese. Fortunately, Google translate is here to help!

By Nature

By Nature offers boxes of vegetables without chemicals or heavy metals and deliveredto your home. Nobody knows the contents of the basket in advance, as By Nature baskets are all different. The basket contains 7 to 10 fresh products that vary according to the arrivals in order to deliver products as fresh as possible. You can also order independently on the website; all of their fruits, meat, eggs, and other organic products are guaranteed to be without hormones or antibiotics.

Xanh shop

At Xuanh Shop you will find baskets of vegetables, fish, seafood and meat guaranteed without GMO, fertilizer and pesticides. A wide range of products is offeredindependently on the website, where you will even find some organic chocolate made in vietnam.

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