From North to South there is flowering time any moment of the year in Vietnam. Let’s explore some of them in each month of the year.



Peach blossoms – Northwest Vietnam – SAPA – Moc Chau





When the cold winds of winter are passing, and the warm spring sunshine is coming, this is the time of peach blossoms blooming throughout Northwest hillsides. Sapa peach blossoms often come from December to February. In addition to Sapa, Moc Chau is also an ideal place to enjoy peach blossoms blooming. Moc Chau peach blossoms are originated from France. This type is paler and has fewer petals than Sapa peach blossoms.



Apricot Flowers – Southwest Vietnam – Sa Dec – Cho Lach




On the occasion of Luna New Year, if peach blossom is a typical symbol of Northwest’s Tet holiday, apricot flowers symbolize the spring in the Southwest of Vietnam. If you visit Sa Dec or Cho Lach (Lach Market) in December (lunar calendar), you will enjoy the glorious and colorful beauty of Apricot flowers.








Hoa Sua (Dalbergia Tonkinensis) – Hanoi




In Hanoi, in February the Hoa Sua recover the city of his beautiful white petals.


Plum flower – Moc Chau




When spring is coming, it seems that Moc Chau rebirth again. Thousands of flowers bloom together and turn Moc Chau into an endless sea of colors. White plum flowers, light pink Mo flowers, you will not be able to resist to the beauty of the scene. Just remember they are only available at the beginning of February, so take note of your schedule!


Ebony flower – Hanoi




Hanoi gets purple with a mountain of Ebony flower in February!



Hoa ban – Tay Bac




Every year, at Lunar New Year festival time in February, Hoa ban starts to bloom again, covering Tay Bac of a beautiful white color. Hoa Ban blooming is a signal for the spring season. When flowers bloom and spread their enchanting fragrance, it also a sign for a promising season of good weather and good harvests. Here flowers come in many colors: scarlet, purple, but the most original are still the white. If you come to Son La and Dien Bien at the right time of Hoa Ban season, you can be sure never to forget this stunning view.




Hoa Gao (Bombax Ceiba) – Hanoi




Hoa Gao, also called Moc Mien or Po Lang, is a popular flower of the Northern Vietnamese villages. When Hoa Gao is blooming, it indicates that spring is coming to an end and summer is upcoming. The red of these flowers creates a peaceful beauty. If you make a pilgrimage to Huong Pagoda, you will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of Hoa Gao blooming on both sides of Yen Stream.



Ban Flower (Bauhinia) – Northwest Vietnam – Son La – Dien Bien – Moc Chau




Annually, in March, when the weather is warm, Ban Flowers often bloom throughout mountains and hills in Northwest Vietnam. Ban Flowers have many colors including white, red, and violet. Don’t miss the Ban Flower festival in the northern province of Dien Bien every March.



Coffee flowers – Central Highlands Vietnam




March is the most beautiful time to travel in Central Highlands Vietnam. At that time, the coffee flowers gloriously bloom. The white color of this flower covers the whole region.



Dalbergia tonkinensis – Hanoi




In Hanoi, in March if you raise your eyes to the sky, you will realize that the trees are carpeted with white flowers of Dalbergia Tonkinensis. They look like soft and white cotton clouds covering the trees.




Lilies – Hanoi




When April is coming, it is the time of Hanoi Lily’s season!








Do Quyen (Azalea) – Fansipan – Hoang Lien National Park (Lao Cai province) – Do Quyen




Do Quyen often blooms all year round, however, these flowers are most beautiful in April. There is no place more ideal than Hoang Lien National Park (Lao Cai Province) to see Azalea. It is also the favorable time to see them to Fansipan Mountain and Do Quyen.



Trau flowers (Vernicia Montana) – Northwest Vietnam





In April, from Yen Bai, Lao Cai to Tuyen Quang, Ha Giang…, It is easy to see Trau flowers. At that time, these flowers are covering every corner of these mountainous provinces.















Purple Lagerstroemia and Red flamboyant flowers – Hanoi – Hai Phong




May stays in Hanoi with purple Lagerstroemia and red flamboyant flowers. In the early morning of May, you can see Lagerstroemia flowers bloom in the streets than when they faded Flamboyant’s flowers are vibrantly spreading their red color in the sunshine.




Lotus – Hanoi




Every year, from June to July according to the lunar calendar, the ponds near the West Lake are covered with the pink of lotus blossoms.




Sunflowers – Hanoi –  Dalat – Tây Bắc – Ba Vi National Park – Nghia Son Commune, Nghia Dan dist Nghe An Province.




July is the time of sunflowers in Hanoi. In Dalat, On October or November you can find this glamorous flower blossom on roadsides, slopes, tea hills, pine forests, covering Dalat with a bright yellow.

Dã quỳ also grow along the road of Tây Bắc also in October and November,  Ba Vi National Park is a perfect option to see them. Wild sunflowers only bloom there about ten days or 2 weeks, starting from mid-November

Don’t miss the sunflower festival every December in Nghia Son Commune, Nghia Dan dist Nghe An Province. The place is renowned for his hectares of sunflowers plantations attracting every year an important amount of visitors.




Clausena Excavata – Hanoi




In August in Hanoi, it is the time to see thousands of Clausena Excavata flowers blooming.







Milk Flower – Hanoi




Bundles of white flowers with their fragrant perfume remind the arrival of autumn.








Tam Giác Mạch– Ha Giang




Every October, Ha Giang become crowded as thousand of people travel there to view Tam Giác Mạch’s flowers. They’re usually blooming late October and early November. Tam Giác Mạch’s flowers have a one-month lifecycle. They get a white color after blooming, then switched to pink, purple and finally turned into dark red. Therefore, you should pay attention and check information to get in time to experience the flower of Ha Giang when they get to your favorite color.



Daisies – Hanoi





October shows its presence in Hanoi with daisies!









Forget me not – Hanoi




November is the month of the soft violet Forget-me-not flowers. They attract everybody not only for its beauty but also for the meaning behind them: faith in love.



Hoa cải trắng – Moc Chau




End of next November, if you are planning to go to the northwest region of Vietnam, don’t miss Moc Chau and his flowering season.




Yellow Mustard flowers – Hanoi



Hanoi has a unique flower in the cold winter days: mustard flowers. At beginning of December, mustard flowers carpet the entire corner of gardens with their yellow color.



Mimosas – Dalat




Mimosa is a very popular flower in Da Lat city. The tree blossoms two or three times each year (from December to March) and flourishes during the sunny seasons.

























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