Vũ Phuơng Thanh, A young woman local from Hà Noi and based in HCMC, won a place with the 13 women on the planet to have complete the 4 Deserts Grand Slam, a yearly event recognized as among the hardest, most prestigious outdoor footrace series in the world.

The 4 Deserts Grand Slam is a unfathomably difficult race held over one calendar year. The challenge is to confront, with simply water and a tent, four of the toughest environments in the world: the hottest (Sahara), windiest (the Gobi) coldest ( Antarctica), and driest ( the Atamaca). It takes place over six stages and seven days. You run a marathon a day, and on the longest day, the distance doubles to 70-80 kilometers.

This year, she will keep on pursuing greater and harder objectives as The Track, a nine-stage 520km race in Australia from May 17 to 26 where no Asian woman has finished it until now. The second one is the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc from August 25 to September 4. The race course cross the French Alps, Swiss Alps and Italian Alps. Then she will keep running at the North Pole’s Arctic Ultra which is a 230km five-stage race to be covered in five days and the Grand Ultra of 273km in North America.

When solicited the reason of it, she answered: “I would like to be first Vietnamese woman to complete impossible tasks and inspire and encourage young people in Vietnam to conquer their personal fear and anxiety to break through their boundaries!”




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