Finally here comes a beer for women and we don’t need to drink Rosé Pamp’ anymore. Be delighted drinkers of all countries! A woman who was cantoned to the Spritz, the rosé Pam’ and the white wine have now access to a good beer: Aurosa, a beer for women. For centuries and centuries, men have been drinking pints and pints of fresh delicately perfumed beer or beer as dark as coffee not entitled to women. But things have changed now!


Aurosa, the women’s beer!


The promise of its creator, Martina Smirova from the Czech Republic? To depict, in a beer, “the strength of a woman and the tenderness of a girl.” We would like to pay tribute to this entrepreneur who finally offered us an alternative to the drinks we could drink so far as fruity cocktails, white wine and of course the sacrosanct Spritz.





What’s the taste of this beer?


According to her creator, “Aurosa has a unique, strong taste, adapted to the elegance of women.”  Does this mean it has the taste of flowers as scarlet as our cheeks when beautiful male compliments us? The taste of the Louboutin shoes rattling on the tiles of our kitchen, or the scent of perfume, our only nightwear like Marilyn? Difficult to say. The only problem is that it is not yet available in Asia and it costs already $ 15 a bottle of 33 cl in Europe. But fortunately, Aurosa is available by E-shop HERE!


Pics Aurosa



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