wine-823619_1280Wine is a wonderful beverage because served in different glasses, his taste can change.Did you ever drink a glass of wine that came highly recommended you found disgusting, or been disappointed by a wine you had loved previously? Maybe the wine just wasn’t served the proper way. Temperature and glassware can significantly affect a wine’s aromas and flavors as can the practice of decanting.


When it comes to serving temperature, wine should be just right 

Red wine should be served sightly below room temperatures 53° – 69°F.

Light dry White wines, rosés, tastes great from 40 – 50°F.

Full-bodied white wines from 50° to 60°F.
Sparkling wine at 38°- 45°F.

Full-bodies red wines from 60°- 65°F.

Wine above 70°F/21°C will start to smell more alcoholic because of increased ethanol evaporation that occurs as the temperature rises.

Old wine: let it in a vertical position at least for 24h. Open it 1h before service.


The right glass will make any wine taste better




Decanting wine will help it breathe

Opt to serve wine in a decanter, it will improve the taste it. Aged wines benefit from being served in a decanter because it removes wine sediments and allows the wine to breathe. But if you by a cheap wine, smelling sulfur or rotten egg, decanting the wine will alter the chemical state of certain stinky aroma compounds, and it twill taste better.

Leave the bottle upright for a while beforehand so that any sediment can settle. Do not shake the bottle up, pour the wine slowly into the decanter and leave a little bit in the bottle at the end.


Don’t serve a new wine in the same glass as an old wine

If you have finished a bottle of wine and have opened another, change the glass not to lose the integrity of the wine flavor.


How to pour wine




Serve yourself a glass of wine and taste it, and then proceed to the service.

Always serve wine with your right hand.

When serving, don’t fill glasses too full. 150 ml to 180 ml serving by the glass is enough.

The man should always fill women’s. A glass’s guest should never be empty. A bottle contain normally six glass of wine.


The wine on the table

Place the bottle of wine on the table only for an intimate diner. If wine is pour in a carafe, let the bottle on the table, to indicate to people the wine they are drinking.

Always serve the youngest wine first, the dry wine before sweetest one, white wines before rosés and red, and the cheapest before the costly ones.


How long does wine keep after opened

Once open, you have to drink the bottle  in the following hours but if you want to preserve it, store it in the fridge, away from direct sunlight and heat. Young red and white wine can be kept 2 or 3 days in the refrigerator.

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