Female genital mutilation (FGM) is a cruel surgery still practiced in many countries. Over 200 million women and girls have gone through this practice around the world despite the criticisms and condemnation of different communities and governments. If you think that FGM is only practice in third world countries, then think again

This is a shadow covering even developed country like Singapore, where the practice is very popular among the Muslim Malays community. Used to control women’s sexuality, the procedure also called “Sunat Perempuan ” involves the partial or total removal of external genitalia. In its severest form, called infibulation, the vaginal opening is also sewn up, leaving only a small hole for the release of urine and menstrual blood. The majority of FGM victims are baby girls under two years old. The procedure is legal in Singapore but is still executed secretly across the country in small and low-cost medical clinic, with a cost of only S$20 and S$35 and under bad hygienic conditions.






The fact that this ritual still exists in modern and developed countries with high living standard and education level prove the difficulty to deal with this practice. Being conducted for hundred years, FGM has become a part of the Malaysian culture, a custom impossible to change overnight. This is the reason why Filzah Sumartono, an enthusiastic activist of women’s right group AWARE, stated that it is not wise to make any significant move against FGM in Singapore now but the most important thing is to raise public’s awareness about this issue. United Nation, UNESCO, UNICEF and many others organizations have already taken action against FGM. However, the Singapore’s government still does not have any official respond to this call…

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