Every year, it’s the same thing: you make good resolutions and this time, like the others, you say to yourself “I’m going to do some sport! “. But as usual, you have not still done anything. But this time it’s different, you’re tired of it: you absolutely must lose those extra pounds; you want to have those beautiful muscular buttocks that you have always dreamed of. But how to choose the sport that suits you best without committing yourself to an expensive subscription?





California, the Fitness & Yoga Gym Club understood the problem and organizes a week for health from this June 25 to 30, 2018 to better educate us about the benefits of sport. During this period, the center offers a free 14-day Pass to discover the sport that suits you best. Fitness, Dynamic Stretching, Dance, Yoga, Personal Training, PTX, Kickfit / MMA, Weight Loss etc. in California you are spoilt for choice! Classes combine several activities and different exercise methods to achieve different goals. Caloric expenditure, weight loss, bodybuilding, strength, endurance, body tone … You will always find a course that meets your needs. In addition, at California, classes are available all day, so you can train at any time for a monthly subscription at a very affordable price around 400 000 Vnd ($ 18).

With their 22 clubs in Vietnam, including 10 clubs in Ho Chi Minh City, you will certainly find the one that suits you best. Discover them, make your choice and you’ll never do without anymore!

More info California Fitness & Yoga Gym Club HERE

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