Everyone love grill food, but only a few people know how to cook it right…

What is the ultimate key to the best grill dish? The answer is prep. For a great grill party, you need to prepare a lot of ingredients. Therefore, if you do not prepare them in advance everything will turn into chaos in no time.

Lets start with the key ingredient: proteins. You have to season your meat at least 1 hour before cooking, except the hamburgers’ meat that needs to be seasoning just before grilling. A light seasoning is enough, but you have to do it both side.






Your grill will never be perfect if you do not have any vegetables. They are great to grill, but you have to marinade them to give them taste and to make them shine. You do not need to prepare a complicated marinade; a simple one can do a perfect job. A little bit of Soya oil or peanuts oil, salt, pepper, fresh Thai basil, Cilantro, a bit of soya sauce, Fish sauce, some ginger and garlic, some chili, a splash of lime juice and your veggies are all set.

Pour the marinade and your vegetables in a zippered plastic bag. The bag lets you easily turn the vegetable during the marinating time, which can be an hour at room temperature, or up to 2 hours in the fridge. You can use the same marinade for the meat but don’t marinate the chicken for more than 3 hours, because the acid in the marinade will start to break down the flesh, turning it mushy.





When the preparation is finished, this is the time to set up your grill. You will need to create different heat zones on your grill: a high heat zone and a medium one. If you want to sear your meat perfectly, make sure pieces are dry before putting them on the center of the grill.



If you cook some chicken, it will be a bit trickier. You want it to have beautiful grill marks, but you also do not want it to dry out. So place the chicken on the high heat zone to get those marks, and then move it to the medium area to finish the cooking. For those who love grilling fish, make sure that you fully cover your fish and your grill with oil to prevent them from sticking.




Last but not least, you should always save the vegetables for last, since they cook very quickly and you do not want to burn them, right?

Few more tips: Move the meat as little as possible, or it will break into pieces, especially when you are grilling fish or meat for a burger.

Secondly, never cut your meat on the grill, you will lose all the delicious juice inside it.

Next, check your meat with your fingers, but not by pressing them. When your meat is grilled, let it  have some time to rest before cutting it. This will help it to stay moist and delicious.

Finally, get proper grilling tools; they will make your life a lot easier!



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