Spoiled by nature, Vietnam presents a very contrasting landscape alternating of green plains, eternal forests, transparent waters and rocky peaks. This country offers a magical and exceptional panorama which is even more exceptional seen from the sky. So why not have a hot air balloon ride this weekend? Imagine being in the air and flying between the clouds while contemplating beautiful landscapes. A must do at least once in your life. So, ready to live this experience?





Vietnam Balloons a joint venture company European and Vietnamese offers a unique hot-air ballooning experience flying over the sea, marshes, and deserts of Mui Né and Phan Thiet, one of the most picturesque regions of Vietnam. Untouched rural life, jungle, powerful deserts, mountain ranges and the sea coast, ‘Vietnam Balloons’ offers you all in only one trip.





See Vietnam like few have seen it before

With Vietnam Balloons, you can also order a whole balloon for yourself, bring friends or treat yourself with the most romantic breakfast in the sky (glass of champagne supplied), celebrate a special event, or even organize a business event.





But, the adventure continues even after the landing because although Vietnam Balloons offers above all balloon rides, the company also propose organized trips by bus to other sites such as the red or white dunes of Mui Né, boat trip to close island, visit the fishing village or nearby farms etc.


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Pics courtesy Vietnam Balloons


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