From the 7 th to the 11th of September 2016, L’Officiel Vietnam, the country edition of L’Officiel Paris, is organizing an exclusive exhibition entitled “L’OFFICIEL LIBRARY – The Fashion Bible: The 95 years Heritage of fashion and art”.

This event is to highlight the works of fashion, artworks, and masterpieces of the magazines since its establishment in Vietnam. The inspiring project is known as the very first ephemeral library organized by a prestigious magazine, to celebrate the first anniversary of L’Officiel in Vietnam.





 “L’OFFICIEL LIBRARY – The Fashion Bible: The 95 years Heritage of fashion and art” exhibition


On the occasion of the one year anniversary of L’Officiel Vietnam, the magazine will host its first “L’OFFICIEL LIBRARY – The Fashion Bible: The 95 Years’ Heritage of fashion and art” exhibition. Developed and created as a pop-up library, this event invites fashion, art and history enthusiasts, to visit and have access to the world of exclusive artworks, covers, shootings and archives of a prestigious fashion magazine from early 20th century until now.

The exhibition is also an occasion for tourists and travellers to discover the heritage of 95 years old French fashion magazine, the evolution of fashion media, as well as other editions of L’Officiel worldwide. The exhibition is conceived as a small library, showcasing the magazine’s archives via fashion photographs, magazines of L’Officiel editions worldwide, and archives of the magazine since its establishment in 1921.

Visitors are free to read and appreciate the documents available during the exhibition, from the 7th to 11th of next September, at Dia Projects – 103 Dong Khoi (2nd floor). In summary, this is the first ephemeral library organized in Vietnam specialized in fashion and art, as well as the evolution of the media industry and communications.

In addition to celebrate the one year anniversary of the magazine, L’Officiel organizes an online Fashion Illustration Contest starting on August 11th and lasting until the 26th. The illustrations from the 10 winners will be exposed at the exhibition.




L’Officiel – The Fashion Bible


About L’Officiel Paris

L’Officiel is a French magazine, and it’s complete name is “L’Officiel de la couture et de la mode de Paris”.

Launched in 1921, it targets elite women aged from 25 to 49 years, providing them with the latest trends and news, with guide lines of the fashion world, written based on the philosophy and standards of a fashion bible.

Currently, L’Officiel has 35 editions of 35 countries and the magazines are distributed in 80 countries worldwide, including Vietnam.


About L’Officiel Vietnam

It has been a year now that L’Officiel Vietnam has been carrying out his mission of providing a fashion bible in the country.

In particular, L’Officiel Vietnam is the combination of traditional Asian elements with European, especially French aesthetics and fashion elements. This is what makes the distinctive identity of L’Officiel Vietnam as a fashion magazine in the present time.

For mode information, please visit: www.lofficiel.vn



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