It’s never an easy task to uproot a family from the comfort of their home and reinstall them in a city and country often unknown. It is essential to make the transition as easy and stress-free as possible by simplifying the client’s tasks and providing them a level of trust they can count on. This is what Evolve mobility, the latest start-up to be successfully launched in Vietnam’s start-up ecosystem, is proposing. Evolve Mobility is specialized in two main types of service. The first is the Destination service. They help to ensure that your arrival in Vietnam is as easy and enjoyable as possible, and manage the Homes Search, Work permit, Tour orientation, Temporary accommodation, School services etc. while giving you an idea of what Vietnam has to offer. Then the Departure service. Whether your destination is local or international they handle all the problems inherent to your trip. Whether you are in the category of a small family moving abroad or a large company opening an office in a new country, as a certified shipping agent, they evaluate your needs and work with you from your first connection until you arrive. Evolve Mobility also provides warehousing and storage solutions for ocean, air, sea and land freight around the world.





Another relocation company you will tell me. No, not really. But what makes this newcomer to the moving and support services industry in Vietnam so different?

First of all the company is managed by Vietnamese and international partners working together and is led by its founder and managing director, the Vietnamese Ms Hoa Vu who has 20 years of experience in the international relocation industry in Vietnam and has extensive knowledge of customs clearance, international packaging standards, insurance, warehousing, quality control etc. His international partners are well aware of the challenges and needs of expatriates, they have traveled and lived abroad, and respect the different cultures, origins and so understand each particular need.

Then, Evolve Mobility is as ecological as possible. They felt it was time to move the industry forward and create a company that would do more to preserve the beauty of Vietnam. A partnership with Karta, the local Vietnamese company that makes 100% recycled-based boxes in Vietnam, made this vision possible. In addition, for all boxes or materials entering in the warehouses that do not comply with international standards, Karta collects this material for processing and recycling.





Finally, Evolve Mobility’s vision also extends to a strong social responsibility. Customers are encouraged to allow Evolve Mobility to collect any unwanted items for the recycle/repair program. The items are stored in a warehouse and intended to a monthly charity bazaar. Funds raised are made public and each charity center explains every month how the donation was awarded. Evolve Mobility has also adopted a new business model in which packaging personnel is paid above industry standards and crews and supervisors receive annual bonuses on a “shareholder supremacy” model where the shareholders receive the bonuses.

As you can see, Ethics is the most important value of Evolve Mobility. That’s the real difference. Evolve Mobility does not just talk. The company acts by setting up at the very heart of the society, an efficient and competent enterprise proposing first-class services, with the main objective of reconciling economic and social progress with the preservation of the environment.


Contact: Annie Hansen at founder@evolvemobilityintl.com



Evolve Mobility Vietnam Recycling Process










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