What: Eternity – A collection of new works by Marjon Barton

When: 8-29 October 2016

Where: Vin Gallery, 6 Le Van Mien, Thao Dien, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Using only ink and paper, Marjon Barton, visualises the ‘Infinity’ in the form of repetitive connection, representing the symbol ‘∞’ for infinity while creating structures balanced between chaos and order. For the Dutch artist, this new collection is his way of mediation as his work was created during a difficult time of his life.

‘As I was drawing, fissures appeared serendipitously. They intrigued me, and I was curious to see what would appear and where. To challenge myself, I started to create rules: going in one direction only, symbols have to touch, size has to alternate, etc.’

Through the exhibition it is not difficult to see that red is the principle component of Barton’s sketch. The majority of his work contain a red weaved string. In Asian society, there is a conviction that one individual is associated with another by a red string destines them to be lovers, regardless of place, time or circumstance. This cord may stretch or tangle, but never break, and each person experiences a different journey to follow it.


eternity-marjon-bartonFor private view only, the exhibition will be held on Friday 7 October from 6 – 8 pm. Reservation at

Vin Gallery was founded to spread awareness of the modern and contemporary art that is emerging in South East Asia. Exhibitions are dedicated to the work of modern and contemporary artists. Their artists come from diverse cultural backgrounds, work with various mediums, come from different art educations, and have a spectrum of life experiences.

Shyevin S’ng is a Malaysian curator and the Director of Vin Gallery and VinSpace. Since 2012, with the opening of Vin Gallery in Vietnam, Shyevin has been supporting art communities locally and regionally. Vin Gallery provides a platform for an eclectic roster of artists to exhibit in a range of media, and connects artists with the wider art community and international collectors through their participation in major art fairs.

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