A land full of zombies!

It’s the apocalypse, a flood of hungry zombies invades your land. How not end in food for the undead? Escape From Zombie is a sporting event designed for those who love discoveries and experiences, encouraging them to stay healthy, enhance their physical strength and flexibility through obstructions throughout the run. In the game the player has the option to become a Zombie or become a human runing to protect his life.





Escape in Zombie mode


You have a day, October 1st,  from 7 am to 6 pm to survive or die. Escape from Zombie is a game of real-time cooperation between Zombie against Human. The game is divided into several phases:


For humans:


  • Complete all obstacles
  • Try to escape the zombie
  • Try to keep as many flags as possible
  • Try to finish the race in the shortest time
  • The player who completes the earliest track will have the chance to participate in a lucky spin with a value of up to 50 million.

For Zombies


  • Tied to hand, or hand to hand of another zombie (optional)
  • Will be released when entering the meadow
  • Complete certain obstacles with zombies
  • Zombie’s job is to chase the runner and steal as many flags as possible
  • Zombies will have the opportunity to receive “The best-dressed zombie.”




HUMANS will be equipped with:

  • 01 Race Kit
  • Equipped with 03 flags for 03 lives
  • Dress gently (if desired)

ZOMBIES with :

  • 01 Race Kit
  • Dressed up by the team




The zombie is tough!


In Escape from Zombie, the challenges are sporty and your time is counted, every second is decisive. The collaboration between all players increases during the game and the solitary wolves become unwelcome. Escape from Zombie is a spicy challenge, where zombies are voracious and tenacious and humain courageous and supportive. Join Escape From Zombie, this cooperative game is  a collective experience you will remember for ever!




Citizens, living, and working in Vietnam

Good health, no heart problems, or blood pressure problem

Love the unique experience of exploring

Ages 13-55 (Under 15 must come with an adult)







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