Fruit-flavoured condoms have been available on the market for decades and are popular worldwide. The durian fruit is famous for its strong and pungent smell and it is anticipated that there is a strong market for the product. Flavours such as Paan (a combination of betel nuts and spices) are popular in India and bacon flavoured condoms are available in America.

The durian-flavoured condom set to be produced and marketed in Thailand will have a unique taste and colour. Due to it’s strong smell durian has been banned from many public places and areas popular with tourists in Thailand but the fruit is very popular amongst Asians.



singapore-314915_640The production company which currently manufactures two billion condoms each year are expanding with plans to double their annual output to 5 billion condoms. The Thai manufacturer has invested nearly $1 million into new colourful packaging and exotic flavours including durian and Pina Colada in an effort to attract more customers.
In recent years the Government-funded STD prevention program ‘100% Condom Program’ has helped to increase condom usage throughout Thailand. As part of this initiative many innovative condom styles and flavours have been introduced to increase the choices available to couples.
Does it smell bad? Does it cost more than the other fruit-flavoured condoms? We have no idea yet but if you are a fan of durian, maybe give it a try, we’d love to hear your thoughts!





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