Many villages in Vietnam have their own specialty they are proud of. The town of Dong Xa has been famous for its outstanding, sophisticated and high artistic valued silver and bronze products since the 17th century, and the tradition has been passed and perfected through generations until today.

Dong Xam silver engraving village is located in the north or Kien Xuong District, Hong Thai Commune, Thai Binh province  Vietnam and is one of the famous villages in Vietnam known for his copper crafting, as Minh Lang is for his lace embroideries, Nguyen Xa for his famous cakes “Cay”, Bat Trang for his potteries in Gia Lam district, etc. There is only in Hanoi more than 1,350 craft villages….






Silver or bronze items of Dong Xam are unique and easily recognized by their style and perfect realization. Technics used are extremely complicated, and Dong Xam people have always kept their secrets for hundreds of years. Until now the old community created strict rules noted in the conventions of the village saying: ‘Anyone who tell the career secret to people from other places, other villages or make fake products and cheat people, will be strongly punished or beaten or deleted from the list of community’…

Today Dong Xa ‘s reputation is so good then it spread out to the world and reaches the international market in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Laos, Thailand, Netherlands, Russia, Spain etc. With their creativeness and faithfulness, there is no doubt that Dong Xam artists will continue to create more and more genuine and incredible “piece of art,” with  ‘savoir faire’ which will always stay in the Thai Binh culture legacy.



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