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In July, DC Comics introduced his new comics, the first Chinese super-heros : « Super-Man ». His real identity is Kenan Kong, (“Ke” translates to “overcoming something” and “Nan” means “south,” a nod to Kenan’s roots in Shanghai) is a seven years old boy from Shanghai. The autor, Gene Luen Yang, is today one of the best Comic book writer and artist in USA. This son of Chines immigrant wanted to recount Superman from a different cultural angle.

Kenan’s story will not be a retelling of the original Kal-El’s origin but instead will be a continuation of Superman’s death in the New 52 revamp as his powers are spread out across the globe.

Artist Viktor Bogdanovic joined Yang in bringing Kenan Kong’s character to life every month for DC’s line-wide re launched of its titles.



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