In a small street downtown Saigon, you can find on Pasteur Street, Pasteur Street Brewing Company, founded by two talented and enthusiastic beer lovers: John Reid and Alex Violette. Their beers are so famous than you can found them on international websites such as TripAdvisor, The Wall Street Journal, and Lonely Planet.





After winning the Top 1 at the World Beer Cup competition in the US with their unique Chocolate Cyclo Stout beer, they now are continuing in Saigon with their newest creation: Fruit Flavor Craft Beers. Their story started in 2014. At that time, draft beer was already famous in Viet Nam, but hardly anyone knew about Craft beer (beer made by a small brewery, independent, and traditional).

John and Violette left their country and built a small craft-brewing factory in Cu Chi, and a small Restaurant/bar located in the heart of District 1. Although they did not intend to become pioneer in the Vietnamese market, their company was the first on this market.





Today at the Pasteur Street Brewing Company, beer is not just a drink. Customers come here to enjoy and discover unique beer flavors not findable in other places. Each beer presented here is mixed with a wide range of seasonal fruits and herbs.  With about 14 unusual beers like the Dragonfruit Gose, Mulberry Belgian Wheat Ale or the Viet My Pale Ale, if you want to try them all, be aware of getting there by taxi!

Pasteur Street Brewing Company – 144 Pasteur, Dist 1 – HCMC  – Highlights info row image08 3823 9562


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