In Ho Chi Minh City, Christmas is a big event and is celebrated with enthusiasm and fun by thousand of people of almost all nationalities and religious communities. Downtown, Le Duan Street and the area surrounding the Notre Dame Cathedral have thousands of motorbikes with people throwing confettis, taking pictures, enjoying the Christmas decorations and lights of big hotels and department stores. For the night, hundred of Cafés and restaurants are open, and cars are not allowed. So if you plan to get there, go for it before 5.00 pm and plan to get back after 2.00 Pm!

Still, If you do not know where to go in Saigon for that special evening here are some tips!



Ice Coffee



Pic Ice coffee


Being introduced in September this year, Ice Coffee has become one of the coolest spots in Saigon. The place provides to customers a unique experience: an -10°C atmosphere in the heart of Saigon city. If you do not have warm clothes with you, don’t worry. Ice coffee will lend you a warm pelisse, so you can spend all the time to selfie and enjoy beautiful ice sculptures, just like if you were in the North Pole!



Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral





Located in the center of District 1, Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral has been for long, a must-visit place during Christmas time. Lines of decorations and lights run along the two bell towers and entire the front of the cathedral making it even more gorgeous during the holy night. Besides the view, this is also an important place for all Saigon Christians to gather and celebrate Jesus’s birth.










A brand-new place to hang out during Christmas this year. The shopping mall features a 10 m high giant pine lighted up by 10.000 lights of different colors. If you are looking for stunning and “shining” pictures for Xmas, then this is the place you cannot miss.















Nguyễn Huệ Pedestrian





Although Nguyen Hue Pedestrian has just been opened for two years, this street is always the most popular destination not only during Christmas time but also for different festivals in Saigon. During the holy time, this 700 m long dynamic street is crowded of thousand of people and plenty of fun activities. Just buy some drink there and walk with your friends and family, and enjoy the special light effects!



Phạm Thế Hiển Street in District 8





Christmas is the biggest and most important day for Catholics, and Pham The Hien Street became The “Holly Street” during Xmas time. One week before the night, the neighborhood transform the street with colorful lights and hundreds of beautiful Christmas cribs, in many shape and colors made of different materials. Do not forget to spend some time to visit the church there, you will be amazed!



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