Wang Deshun also called by a friendly and cool nickname: “China’s hottest grandpa” is on his 80th birthday. Instead of staying at home with his grandchild’s like many elders do, he goes out and celebrates his special day with his old Chinese friends, before going back to his D.J job. Yes, you read it right. He is an 80-year-old DJ but he is also an artist, actor, an athlete and a fashion model. His secret? Beside daily physical training, he also pays attention to sharpening his mind by reading books.




Deshun Wang | inspirational video | 80 yr old Model



For Mr. Wang, getting old is not an excuse. “People can change their life as many times as they wish,” he said, “ We dream about many exciting things, but only a few people try to achieve them.” Wang rode his first horse at 65 and had his first motorbike ride at 78. People frequently want to relax when they get old, but for Wang, learning is the meaning of life, and it seems that he will keep working and learning as long as he is still able. After his model’s work at the “Fashion week” in Milan, he jumped on a parachute! What’s next Wang?

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