Child sexual abuse is a significant crime, and in most countries, it retains a large public’s attentions, well, not in Malaysia. In Malaysia, most proceedings of child sexual abuse do no cause successful prosecutions, mainly due to some holes in the Malaysian law system, police, and a weak society’s attention to child welfare. From 2012 to 2016 around 13,000 cases of infant sexual abuse were reported but less than 10% of them were charged, and 1% of them virtually leads to convictions.

Malaysian files don’t show what number of people had been concerned, or what took place in the instances where there have been no convictions after charges had been filed. No details are disclosed in the cases where there had been convictions. The cause the Malaysian authorities would not submit child sexual abuse records is due to the fact it’s covered under Malaysia’s respectable Secrets Act. The authorities present data on child abuse simplest on the request of a member of parliament.





Child rights advocates have long driven the government to divulge records on children sexual abuse to increase consciousness so action can be taken, but Malaysia government explains that they do not need that the society misunderstands the problem. And this country isn’t the best case, Thailand and Cambodia government are also extremely strict in toddler sexual abuse cases and refuse to submit any relevant records. Still, there are hundreds of additional instances which are not registered. It’s due to the weak coverage and gaps in child safety laws, as well as mistrust of society in authorities motion. Also, Malaysia does not have any particular law about child pornography. Touching or harassing kids do now not cause any legal action. As a result, the country becames a “heaven” for pedophiles, for Malaysian but also for the overseas ones. A veil commenced being lifted last June 2016 while Richard Huckle, who abused 200 infants and kids mostly in Malaysia become condemned to 22 years. However nevertheless a lot of more improvement still need to be carried out…



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