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April 2nd, Chen Wenling’s opened his first show in Beijing since his cancer diagnostic in 2014. « Art is my salvation. It makes me happy and gives me the vitality to fight cancer » the artist said.

30 large sculptures of the artist are exposed in Beijing’s Shunyi district. After graduated traditional Chinese ink painting at Xiamen College, he started sculpting.

At the age of 47, the artist is now considered as one of the greatest contemporary Chinese sculptors. He made himself known with his fibreglass sculpture « Red Boy,» which became a classic of contemporary art.The goal of Chen Wenling is to convey ideas in his sculptures. « Happy Life » shows the consumerism using women with pig faces.

The « Farting Bull » sculpture, appears more complex than it looks. The vigorous and farting bull represents Wall Street (in Chinese slang, to fart mean to bluff or lie). And the man being shoved into the wall is Bernard Madoff, who was sentenced to 150 years in prison because of Ponzi schemer.

Chen Wenling’s art exhibited in America and Europe making know Chinese all over the world the world.


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