Hazard Clique is already making big waves on the Vietnamese underground Hip Hop scene. They took some time to discuss their musical influences, goals, and future projects…


How did you enter into the music world? Tell us your story

Well, it all started with the necessity to create and the feeling of transforming all your thoughts into Art.

Rap, real rap, not the stupid stuff you see on MTV today that people call Rap, is a way of expressing yourself through rhythm.

When you start playing music, you end up meeting people who share the same passion and that’s how you slowly enter in the music world.


Was there an artist or a night spent in a club/concert determinant for you? A kind of “revelation”?

For Pain, it has always been easier as he comes from Europe where a lot of the biggest artists often tour, so he had the chance to watch some of the greatest stars like Red man, Method man, etc.  Being born in Vietnam makes it a little bit harder as not many international rappers come over here.

The one we enjoyed the most here in Vietnam was Oddisee. That was a great show.


 Tell us more about this last year?

That was the year when things started to get serious. Don’t misunderstand me, we always took it seriously, and we are constantly creating new stuff and planning new projects, but since 2015 people started noticing us and we played as crazy all over Vietnam, including big festivals like Quest in Hanoi.






How does Rap music is evolving in Vietnam?

One of the biggest differences I can point out is that now the Expat communities are starting to get more involved and supporting local artists, when before they didn’t even think an underground Rap community could exist in Vietnam.


How do you define your style?

Hardcore, powerful, sometimes very lyrical sometimes just beat killing flows.  We speak the truth, sometimes in a pleasant way, at times harsh, but always truthful. Our music is classic Rap, pure essence. We are not rapping for fashion. That is our life and what we live!


Do you have an ideology you try to spread? A musical identity?

Well, apart from telling to the world what we see in the society we want to bring classic Rap to Vietnam. Educate the young kids about what Rap is and not fall into the trap of making commercial stuff to impress the ladies. Rap music is a culture and Hip-hop is something you live, not just something you do when you turn the mic on. Hip Hop happens on a stage, on the streets, on the mic. It’s a way of life!


To which artist/band would you compare yourself?

In Vietnam, none! I think we are unique in that way






What seduced you in the idea to participate in SAIGONELLA Festival?

We love the idea of being part of a festival with lots of different Bands and different music styles. Rap is not something you often hear in festivals like this, so I think people will enjoy a different flavor.


If you could choose three songs that left their marks on your personal musical story, what would they be and why?

To be honest, there are so many that it’s hard to answer, but I have to mention three albums:

Nas – Illmatic

Wu tang clan – 36 chambers

And either big – The big picture or Rakim – Paid in full


Where can we see you performing in the next months?

Saigonella on 4/6/2016,  Piu Piu 11/6/2016 and at the Limit Break Festival 2th July, more to be announced soon on our fan page Hazard Clique Vietnam. Stay posted!  Love to all fans, family, homies, and supporters!









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