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While they’re waiting for the bus, drinking coffee at the park, playing chess or eating, it’s very common to see Asiatic people sit. The Asian squat is when you have both feet on the ground, butt touching ankles and knees spread wide. The majority of non-Asians can’t do this position. On the internet, many of them explain this phenomenon by the fact that Asians have shorter legs than western or have a better ankles flexibility. Maybe is it only the best position to eat rice?


Photo in the articleNone of these nonsenses are right. Asians peoples are not more anatomically predisposes to do squats than others. The only reason most of the non-Asian people can’t do it is because Asians learn to squat during their childhood and continue to do it all their life. Squatting is comfortable, convenient and also healthy. It improves digestion, push some muscles to works more, and this position is good for the back. The Asian squat is better for the posture than sitting on a chair because the center of gravity is over the feet and the belly button and not over the knees as the western squat.

Don’t worry if you can’t, with practice everybody can do Asian squat.

Let’s go for an Asian Squat challenge!

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