Human population increases about 70 million each year, and we will reach 9 billion in 2050. We need to double our food production, and we have already used 70% of the lands and already exploited a big part of the oceans. A solution has to be found right now, and yes, you’re may be right, insects could be the solution to world hunger.
Though you may think it is disgusting, already around two billion people across the world said they have tried it. You will also be surprised to learn that you already eat this creepy crawlies, daily. Most of the processed food you find in the supermarket contain a certain amount of insects. Canned fruit juices allowed it up to 1 maggot per 250ml. Insects are highly nutritious. Caterpillars, for instance, provide more protein and more iron than the same quantity of minced beef. There is today around forty tons of insects to every human; That’s more than enough!





So brave yourself and try this! You can easily find insects as a snack on vietnamese supermarkets or markets. The best place in Asia to degust them is in China in Donghuamen night market, Beijing. From steaming stall of Centipedes, Silkworms, Scorpions to deep fried Crickets, Spiders or beetles, you name it; they have it. If you are a traveller and want to try the Australian ones, the  crispy, yellow “Eggy” center roasted Witiji grub, enormous wood-eating moth larvae is your choice. There are over 1000 varieties of insects edible to humans. Surely there’s something for everyone!



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