Three quarters of the Cambodian population is Khmer. However, the country is home to many ethnic minorities, and when traveling to the northeast, you will have the great opportunity to meet them.

Travelers will meet the different ethnic minorities including the Jarai, Tompuon, Brau and Khmer Loeu in Ratanakiri province.





Ratanakiri, which is sometimes called “Far West Khmer”, is difficult to access, it has wild landscapes consisting of mountains and stunning rolling hills.






People there live along the red earth lined roads, which are laterite, a reddish ferruginous soil formed in the tropical regions by the decomposition of the underlying rocks.














Cross the rubber plantations, where people extract latex from these trees to produce rubber. Then, visit the cashew nuts and coffee plantations.






Advancing to the Vietnamese border, discover the crafts of the local people and then proceed to observe the last colonies of the freshwater Irrawaddy dolphins.






Last but not least: depending on the season, see some small houses in Kroeung villages which are built on stilts.  These houses are for the “young single-men” which they can use when they reach puberty.  They are free to invite anyone they wish to receive at night … You will see these houses only during some seasons, because they are destroyed and then re-built every year.






Let’s go for an authentic trip!

How to get there?

The best we recommand you is to go from Siem Reap to Ratanakiri by bus or by car, to be able to make several stops. Indeed, it is a must to stop at least at Kompong Cham and Kratie.

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