URBAN DANCE GROUP on the direction of Sabra Johnson presents “Between us” December 02-03 2016 at the Factory Contemporary Art Center HCMC.

“Between us” is an interactive dance performance offering an opportunity to experience dance through all senses giving to the public the possibility to go wild with their imagination. Rules are simple: During the performance, a story is told, exposing one to a world of diverse and profound emotions. The audience can connect to the art of dance in an interactive setting, moving through a space created by the dancers.






In “Between us” acclaimed John Huy Tran, renowned choreographer in Vietnam, the Troup director Sabra Johnson (the first female winner of “You think you can dance Season 3 in the USA) and their team including 15 Young enthusiastic and gifted artists accomplish an unusual and astonishing performance. What a great way to end 2016!

Ticket information:

Factory Contemporary Art Center: 15 Nguyen U Di. Thao Dien, Dist 2. HCMC

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