The Contemporary Art Dance finally found its place in the cultural saïgonese scene with DanCenter and the Choreographer John Huy Tran. For the second time of the year, they mobilized again their best dancers and the American choreographer Sabra Johnson for the performance ‘Between Us’  (“Giữa người và ta”) on December 1-2  at the Factory Contemporary Arts Center, Dist 2 HCMC.



‘Between Us’ Official Trailer


BETWEEN US is first a history, about senses and the life of the UDG’ members. There are individual crises, delusions, trances, and there is what the community makes of it. The show questions this process and proposes a place for the expression: on stage, in the hollow of an audience. Bodies, energies, forms of desire and overflow, with the emotional charge implied. Without being afraid of it, John Huy Tran places them on the scene, and give them to contemplate to the public and weaves an enlighting, sober and percussive performance. ‘Between Us’ an electrical collaboration, for an interactive dance show. An intense moment, to dare to savor collectively.


Between Us

1st/2 December 2017 – The Factory Contemporary Arts Center, 15 Nguyen U Di Street, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, HCMC.


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