I met Beatriz Garcia through a virtual connection from Hong Kong. From1 there FB allowed us to discover each other’s adventures, enterprises, and travels. That is how today we meet and keep in contact with people.

Following her on FB, I noticed trips, adventures, people, but also seminars, workshops, classes and retreats in different parts of the world. I observed she was able to combine travels, fun, and experiences and gets knowledge and understanding, in an empirical sense. It triggered my interest to ask her about her life; she seems a little bit gypsy to me but on the other hand extremely grounded and connected. She lives in Argentina but is now traveling around SE Asia supporting a coaching program in Singapore then Indonesia, Cambodia and finally Vietnam where I meet her today for a brief and charming interview.


I live where I am!

Born in Sonora, Mexico, I lived there only a short period of my life. My family moved to different parts of the country because of my father assignments. From a very young age, I learned to say good-bye, to stay connected to the ones I cared about and to welcome new people in my life. If you ask me: where do you reside? I will answer: I live where I am! The bed I sleep in becomes my bed, the roof over my head is my home, the food I eat is the one I want to have, and the people around me are my people.


I wanted to be accepted for who I was

I think it all started with a curiosity about my identity. This one was in link with my father and his connections to the community. I noticed people recognized me as Mr. Garcia’s daughter and I wanted to be accepted for who I was, but first I needed to know that. On the other hand, my life close to my family was secure, predictable and comfortable, and somehow this identity did not suit me well. So, I set myself to a quest. I knew I wanted to learn more and see new things, and the only way to make it happening was to travel. It was impossible to find what I was looking for from where I was. Hence, for many years, I moved and looked for my identity.

Today I know who I am. I am a woman who loves to travel and learn. I am a coach who serves others through my work. I am a Primal dance instructor who believes in the transformation of the being through the movement. I am Beatriz Garcia from Sonora, who thinks life is perfect with its imperfections.


Plan, organize and provide


You have to be well organized and extremely focus when you have a goal like this one and ask yourself: What do I want? How do I get there? When do I want to be there? What do I have to do to make it happening? All of these self-reflection and questions allow you to search, plan, organize and provide. It takes work and a lot of determination but the truth is: you will enjoy the ride! If you know what you want, it keeps the motivation going!


I am an excellent administrator; I have a degree to prove it!

At a very early age, my father told me, whatever you save, I will double it! Even though I never saved in those days, the message stuck with me. So today, whenever I can, I do it. Whenever I need to take from my savings, I set myself to put it back. I am an excellent administrator; I have a degree to prove it! And I spend wisely. I do not need much and people are always generous to me. I have become extremely resourceful, I exchange what is possible, and I need as little as possible. I enjoy an incredible network of friends, collaborators, and people who see me as I am. They are all great people. The universe will provide, Yes, I believe this, but I do not seat around!


I love my work!

For now, I am in love with Asia. I enjoy the energy here, the colors, and peoples. I love everything about it! I am going back to Latin America for a while, but I will be back next year. In the meantime, I will continue supporting coaching programs anywhere in the world I am asked to. I also want to continue facilitating Primal Dance, working as a Coach and participating in Vipassana Meditation whenever I can. I also plan to continue my education in areas related to coaching and movement. I love my work!

I have a dream

I would like to have an open house somewhere on an island, where all my friends could go and spend time there with or without me. A home away for those who welcomed me in their houses and sometimes in their lives.

A home, to payback and thank those people who helped me in the past.

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