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Although wine history is young in Bali, born in 1994 with Hatten Wines, wines “Made in Bali” exist!

Growing grapes have started at the beginning of the 20th Century, but it is only a few decades ago, after multiple trials and errors, survival to parasites and other wine diseases, that the grapes grown with satisfaction on a commercial scale. While wines usually require a dormant period of cooler months, the wines in tropical Bali produces grapes continuously in 120-day cycles and wine can be produced all year long instead of once a year. The abundance of the sunshine and the rich volcanic soil brings a unique character to the wine.



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Today Bali, Rosé, White and red wines are beginning to gain the respect they deserve and are appreciate worldwide.

Few wines to taste there or abroad – Aga White – Hatten Wines – Jepun sparkling Rosé – Hatten wine -Pino de Bali – Hatten wine – Black Velvet – Sababay Winery – Moscato d’Bali – Sababay Winery – Ludisia – Sababay Winery


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