What do you know about beauty rituals in Southeast Asia?  Let’s discover 3 of them that deserve to be known, and of course, to be tested when you travel to the country!



Thanaka on Burmese faces





Thanaka is the yellowish pulp from the Thanaka tree that grows in the center of Myanmar. The Burmese put it on their faces for several reasons. Above all, it’s is a thermal insulator so it has a refreshing effect, which is very useful in Myanmar since the heat is blistering and the sun can be damaging the skin. Thanaka is also an astringent and antiseptic, and it prevents dehydration of the skin. Do not hesitate to try it when you are traveling in Myanmar!



The famous Korean “millefeuille.”



Beauty og Korea



No, it’s not a pastry! “Millefeuille,” otherwise known in English as “layering” (which come from the word “layer”) is a very common beauty ritual in Asia. It consists of superposing several layers of beauty products, twice a day, and typically includes seven steps. These are the following: removal of the makeup with oil, cleansing with soap, moisturizing lotion spray, serum, eye contour, moisturizer, sunscreen. What a program! The method of “millefeuille” is based on the idea that each beauty product has its purpose which could be a failure if the whole ritual is not followed correctly.  For the lazy one, you may skip your turn! However, if that is the secret of the beautiful complexion of the Korean girls, it may be worth a shot.



The art of Thai massage



VHA Massage



The art of massage is famous throughout Asia, particularly in Thailand. A session of Thai massage is done on a mat on the ground, on which the patients lay on their stomach. The masseur executes pressure on the energy lines and pressure points, adapting its movements to the patient’s morphology. A complete session lasts about three hours and must treat all parts of the body. One can also perform a typical ritual of wellbeing that ends with a massage!  In Thailand, they do care of your wellness!

Pamper yourself with a vacation in Thailand, where you will find massage salons everywhere, and 100% organized relaxation and care programs!

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