The Black Path is the third in the Rebecka Martinsson series. An evocative psychological crime novel full of recurring characters with very distinct personalities: truculent, slowpoke, greedy, pervert, narcissistic, pure and generous crossing each other’s paths alone or with family, united or torn apart. Ericka Martinsson, the central character, is an experienced tax expert lawyer and a work addict. Coincidence? She has weaknesses and assets, a certain ambivalence sometimes making you fell to want to shake her a bit to give her the little boost she needs. The Black Path is a great peek into the finance’s world, and it shows us the grimmest parts of it, from Uganda with clan’s wars and massacres of primary victims as child soldiers to the Northern countries in Europe where life and climate are entirely different. You will enjoy the Northern lifestyle descriptions with it rupture between the city, his modern and intellectual life and the countryside with his harsh climate and Polar ethnicities. One note however, about the chapters’ fragmentation that takes away some fluidity and rhythm to the writing. Easy to read, this book can follow you everywhere, It is a thriller, after all! You will enjoy reading it on a beach Transat to get some heat far from this glacial atmosphere!

The Black Path – Asa Larsson – Bantam Dell

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