Do Lenh Tuan is known as a dedicated and passionate artist for the creation of amazing stamps design and extraordinary stamps-collages…He creates spectacular pieces of art which at first glance do not look like made of stamp-collage. To him, the stamp has always been an important part of his life, and he believes that art has no limit.





Stamps designer for 30 years with a successful career, he retired a few years ago, but instead of relaxing at home or traveling, he decided to continue his passion and create portraits made from stamps.

A few years ago, stamp-collage was not so popular, and the first five months were pretty hard and stressful as postage stamps were produced in a small size, everyone was on a different theme, and turning them into one masterpiece was definitely not an easy task. To make thing even harder, Do Lenh Tuan also had to work with limited and outdated equipment for this particular work.





Do Lenh Tuan starts his work by carefully cutting thousand of stamps based on the initial draft; then he assembles them in a specific and logical orders. With such degree of details, this art requires not only the artist’s talent but also a great patience, as sometimes he has to remove all of them and do it all over again several times before getting a perfect piece of art. That’s the reason why each painting can take to Do Lenh Tuan from few weeks to few months to be ended. “For many people, they are just stamps, but the truth is, there is a story behind each of them. The process of discovering them, research and collect information is the first and crucial part. Any stamps contain a lot of information, but the artist must choose the best among them and totally focus on that in order to succeed”, he said. Then the biggest difficulty is to assemble them to form a portrait with expressions and to create a smile or bright eyes…

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