By going to the 3D Artemus Museum in Saigon, You will for sure get to the pole position in your networks and friends, in addition to feast and surprise yourself as a modern artist and amateur photographer. The effect is guaranteed, whether you hold your camera or your phone the wrong way!






So let’s go into the museum: a single pre-requisite, it’s better to be 2, a minimum of distance is prescribed to ensure 3D effects. You start a surprising entry with giant photos on walls with shimmering colors, a little taste kitsch directly question you on your arrival in this place and its promises?!?! Error? Not at all! You draw your camera, follow the arrows and the marks on the ground to take the picture in the right place and ensure the result. You do not have to know to speak Vietnamese, English or Croatian to understand how it works, you just need to remember the treasure hunts of your childhood, if not? Never mind, your child will guide you naturally, unless you observe discreetly the young couple who precedes you!





And let’s go for a lion hunting, tea in big mugs, giant dogs, flying in on a rickshaw, the Vietnamese version of AND revised and many other surprises more fun one than the others. A minimum of 2 hours to go through all the steps, because if space is not gigantic strictly speaking, it is well organized and full of photographic possibilities.

One last tip: if you like to share, and to be in contact with people around you, look at the group that precedes or succeeds you, each one takes a picture but they can’t be all together on the photo. Propose them to take a picture! You will enhance your visit with small smiles and complicit laughs of complete strangers and you will keep unforgettable memories.





At the exit, 3D Artimus offers you the edition of your photos and it is worth it. Now you can send yourself on a postcard, make a beautiful album, place your pictures in the background of your screen and bluff all your social network!


3D Artimus Museum

Address: Số 2 Đường số 9, Tân Hưng, Quận 7, Hồ Chí Minh

Hours: 9h – 18h

Telephone: 028 6298 3767

More info HERE



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