No matter if it is holidays or weekend gathering, there is no better place to enjoy with friends and family than a dinner table. Besides the delicious meals, good tableware sets also plays a significant role in boosting an atmosphere. However, choosing the right set can be a daunting task…

Created by Ingrid and Ina, “Amaï’ has redefined the Art of tableware and features a wide range of china set, with a huge number of plates, bowls, and cups in various shape and size. In a standard set, you usually end up with the same design and color, with Amai’, you are free from ordinary conception of tableware, and you can enjoy the beauty of each plate or cups.




Pics Sadec


Do not be fooled by the visual. Amaï tableware looks fragile at first, but when you hold it in your hand, you can feel it’s not. It is so unique and elegant with his glazed finish done beautifully that you may be afraid of breaking it. Don’t be! Made of Kaolin, it is robust enough to take a punch. But who would like to hit a piece of art?



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