Air pollution in Hanoi

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Have you ever seen the London’s fog ? Now you can see the same picture in Hanoi, except the fog is not formed only from floating water, but from pollution gas.

These last months according to many reports, smog-filled skies covered entire Hanoi City. The AQI level indicated that the air pollution has reached an alarm state and could cause serious health problem for the residents.

Hoang Duong Tung, deputy general director of Vietnam Environment Administration, said that “It’s not precise to say Hanoi is as badly polluted as Beijing, though the pollution level recorded in Vietnamese capital has exceeded safety levels by 1-1.5 times.” The significant increase in the number of motorbikes and cars in Hanoi, constant road constructions and industrial operations are the main reason for this consequence. “Frequent and prolonged traffic congestion is another contributor to the increasing air pollution level,” said Professor Le Huy Ba of HCMC’s University of Industry. The lack of walking habit and poor public transportation also make those numbers increase further.

According to a statistic from the health department, air pollution in Hanoi is much more dangerous than in Ho Chi Minh City. The air pollution is responsible for around 44,000 deaths in Vietnam each year.


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