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Anon Pairot is a famous and hugely successful Thai designer based in Bangkok. At 38 years old he is regarded as one of Asia’s most talented industrial designers, praised for the originality of his organically-shaped furniture and his dramatic and innovative style. Here we take a look at the some of the thought-processes behind his creativity through his unique approach to art and design.



Believe in destiny

It was not always Pairot’s intention to become a world-renowned designer, initially graduating with a degree in engineering, he later shifted into the design world in an attempt to ‘connect with the ladies’. Fortunately, he fell in love with the art of design and became an award winning, world famous designer. The course of true love never does run smooth!



Pic Anon Pairot

Question everything

Pairot believes that everyone has the potential to be successful. In order to become successful one must first be passionate and second have the determination to keep learning, keep working and perfecting themselves.



Industry+, Milan design week 2016 - Pic Anon Pairot Design Studio
Pic Anon Pairot

Creativity can be found anywhere

Pairot has said that “Thai’s never believe that we’re cool. Being a colony of the Western empire make us afraid to be ourselves. To be confident in yourself is the key to creating great things”.
Pairot is a problem-solver who believes that design is about people’s problems. His creativity is born out of a desire to solve problems in an attempt to create and produce things that people love to have and interact with practically. This is without a doubt one of the reasons why his designs are so popular.



Pic Anon Pairot Design Studio
Pic Anon Pairot

Never, ever give up

There are no winners and no losers, however, success only comes to those who keep trying until the end. Pairot recalls names such as ‘Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi’, founder of the famous Thai Beverage and the country’s third richest man, as well as Warren Buffet, the American investor and philanthropist and the American Professor Philip Kotler, all of whom he admires because of their determination to achieve.


Everyone has a potential

Many people do not fully realise the impact of the contexts which surround them and the influence that this has on who we become. Pairot encourages people to know their potential and to constantly rearrange and recompile themselves towards what is achievable rather than perusing things that are physically unobtainable.



Penta qassava fiber lamp designed by Anon Pairot with Wallpaper magazine fashion set March 2016 - Credit Wallpaper Magazine
Pic Anon Pairot

Stand on the edge of your boundaries

Try to push yourself a little more everyday. This will help you not only to see the next goal, but also the endless possibilities and ultimately realise your full potential.







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