Each year, the Internet scene propose new challenges. Many of them concern women’s body. After the Tigh gap, the newcomer is the A4 waist challenges and in China, this phenomenon became viral.

The concept is simple. Girls take Selfies standing behind a sheet of paper they are holding in front of them. An A4 paper is eight inches large. If their waist size does not exceed the width of the paper, the girls then have a perfect body size. Otherwise, it’s a sign they need to lose weight.

Accordint to Cosmopolitan, « the average waistline for a women is 80 cm, which is between 35 and 40 cm, while paper is only 21 cm large ». On Weibo, the hashtag #A4waist received more than one million of photos in February. Many women from all over the world also respond to this Chinese social phenomenon. It shows how stupid it is to think that being skinny is the only criteria of beauty.

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