IMG_20160518_095837Imagine a beautiful home, quiet, with a lush garden and a dance studio with mirrors, two fans, and a mat on the floor. Three other beginners like me are there, a Belgian, German and Vietnamese girls.  We have first to sit in lotus, and that’s not so evident for me. The teacher is seated cross-legged on the carpet, smiling and relaxed, hit the gong and the lesson start. First impression: I did not know that yoga was so physical and difficult! I lose liters of water, and I can fell my muscles getting contracted and contorsing themself on a unusual way. My body balked but gradually, with breathing exercises I am feeling better. I focus on the teacher’s slender and elastic body souple as a cat’s body, moving with an astonishing aesthetic.

Do not look at the mirror, Do not look at the mirror did I said to myself! but too late! I figured  I was looking as a warrior in an elegant pose but horror and amazement I was looking like a clumsy elephant!  Several emotions assail me, tears are not far but little by little, I get to a kind of wellness.

Finally, I reached a turning point in my life where I could access, understand and listen to my body! I get out of the course, a bit disoriented, but Zen and quiet.

The next day when I wake up all my body is in pain from my head to my tip toes. I feel like I passed under a steamroller… Zen has a price: aches!

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