Do you love astronomy? Well, even if you don’t, you should watch the sky this weekend, because you will hardly see in the future, another three astronomical events happening at the same time. This week, Astronomy fans worldwide will get an unusual “sky event,” including a Snow Moon, also known as “full moon,” an eclipse and a comet.

The full moon will start at dawn on 11 February (Vietnam hour). At the same time, a partial moon eclipse will also take place and will cover the moon. If the sky is clear, you will see the moon turning dark silver during the eclipse.





This interesting phenomenon will last about 4 hours 19 minutes, and luckily, we can fully observe it right here in Vietnam. The eclipse will start at 5:34 am on 11 Feb and reach the peak after 1 hour, and will be over at 9:53 am. The event will occur a bit earlier in Europe in the evening of 10 Feb.





Hang on, do not leave your watching spot yet, as the show is not over. Get some snacks and drinks, because only a few hours later, the Comet 45P – or the “New year Comet” will cross the sky. We will be able to observe it on 11 Feb in Vietnam too. Just keep your eyes toward the Hercules constellation. It will also move across many other constellations in the remaining days of February but will be not so easily watchable. The Comet 45P pass every five years, so if you miss it this time, you have to wait until the year 2022 to “meet” it again!



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