The Da Nang International Fireworks Festival is not the only incentive event in Danang during the Spring/Summer season, but it has indeed become a spectacular scene that light up the evening sky over the town that people look forward to seeing. Previously, The festival was held biannually in 2011, 2013 and 2015 over the Vietnam National Reunion holiday. Today instead of being held over one weekend in March or April, the festival consists of five separate fireworks competitions held over five Saturday nights, across 11 weeks from 29th April 2017 to 24th June 2017 on the evening of 29/4 –  20/5 –  27/5 –  3/6 and 24/6. During these nights, the city will showcase some of the most spectacular and innovative fireworks, on the theme “Shining of Ngu Hanh Son” Shining Marble » filling the sky with an array of lights, sounds, and colors. The festival takes place on the major street on Tran Hung Dao, on the eastern side of the Han River and also provides along the road and across the rest of Danang, street festival, food stalls, markets, shows, etc.



Da Nang international fireworks competition First price Australia FULL performance



The highlight of DIFF 2017 is five fireworks performances of 8 teams from U.K, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Australia, China, Japan, and Viet Nam. The theme “Shining of Ngu Hanh Son” or « Shining Marble » is a reference of Danang’s marble hills.

Each of the five nights wears the name of the five elements of the universe:

29th April 2017 is Fire Night featuring firework teams from Austria and Vietnam

20th May 2017: Earth night is featuring teams from Switzerland and Japan.

27th May 2017: Metal night is featuring teams from Australia and China.

Water Night on 3rd June will feature another Australian team and an Italian team.

The three best performers will return to the final competition, held on Wood Night on 24th June 2017.

For this edition, DIFF 2017 is expected to attract 2 million visitor arrivals to Da Nang during two months of the festival. Without no doubt, The Da Nang International Fireworks Festival has become one of the grand events of Vietnam and magnificent night scenes full of promises.


Tickets for Danang International Fireworks Festival DIFF 2017 are not available for online booking. You can get them directly in Danang or on the hotline.



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