Until very recently in the Philippines, it was never a problem to get a beer but only if you were a fan of San Miguel. Recently the first craft brewery was established in Palawan by two enthusiastic and talented women.
Located on a beautiful street in Puerto Princesa, the brewhouse, run by Ayah Javier and Malu Lauengco, is truly a piece of heaven not only for the residents but also for the visitors. You may visit Puerto Princesa, for his beautiful beaches, but Hey! A good fresh beer lifts your trip to a whole new level, no matter if you are there sailing on a boat, for the sunset or driving on the road.





Though Palaweño Brewery is not the only craft brewery in the Philippines, it is the first one opened by women. Ayah first came to the Philippines in 2012, after spending six years in San Diego known for his fantastic craft breweries. With only his passion and a homebrewing kit from San Diego, she started to produce beer including new ingredients from the Philippines. In just a few years, Palaweño Brewery became the most famous Brewery in the country, with four core brews which have already been on the list of the top world’s craft beer. Beside, Palaweño Brewery also offers some seasonal beers such as Mango De Palawan or Buko Loco Coconut Cream Ale. Their secret? Always propose new flavor, And that is why their customer keeps coming again and again…

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