People use to say that adventure is made for men, but Priya Venkatesh – a Bengaluru woman – has proven that women can do it too. Driven by his passion for photography and environment and after finishing her 3-years mission on conquering Antarctic and Artic Circle, she is now recognized as the first Bengaluru woman to have crossed the Antarctic Circle.

She continues to write her name in the history by planning her next trip to the South Pole in 2018. The trip coincides with the anniversary of Roald Amundsen first expedition, who explored the South Pole over 105 years ago. Through this journey, Priya wants to raise public’s awareness about wildlife and environment preservation in Antarctica.




Priya Venkatesh revealed her adventure as a most dangerous and eye-opening trip in a lifetime experience. For the first time, she will be able to witness the amazing wildlife of seals, whales, and penguins as well as how human activities are pushing them to the edge of extinction. Although the Antarctic has been protected by the Antarctic Treaty since 1961, this agreement is going to expired in 2041, and those incredible species will be wiped out along with the destruction of Antarctica environment, she shared.

With her next trip to Antarctica in 2018, she wants to show to the public that the impacts on the South Pole is not a small and insignificant issue, as anything affecting the South Pole can directly impact on our live. Starting to stop wasting food and water may look common but have consequences. It may save your money and save the world.

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