If you’re looking for epic adventures, unique experiences, lovely gastronomy, and historic sites, do not look any further. The country is the ideal place for you. Vietnam is today a backpacker’s haven and one of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations thanks to its undeniable charm, friendly locals, the ambient security and free visa for 15 days. Explore the spectacular mountains of the North, stop to taste the local cuisine and have a friendly conversation with locals before heading south to party all night …



Tradition and modernity – Hanoi





Vietnam’s capital, located on the banks of the Red River, Hanoi is the ideal place to explore on foot to discover well-preserved colonial buildings, ancient pagodas and unique museums. The city is also known for its silks and handicrafts and its delicious cuisine. Surrounded by lush parks, lush green mountains, and traditional villages, without forgetting the iconic Ha Long Bay, the town is a gateway to the incredible mountains and landscapes to the north and the warm beaches and bustling cities of the south.


One of the most famous landscapes in Asia – Halong Bay





One of the seven new natural wonders of the world, Halong Bay is probably the most famous destination in Vietnam. Roughly three-hour drive East of Hanoi by bus along Highway 18. From here, cruises for Halong Bay depart from Bai Chay. The bay contains a vast amount of limestone karsts and islands in many shapes and sizes. It is told that they are a barrier created by a friendly dragon to protect Vietnam sea from invaders. Each of them has its story and legend. To see, despite a constant stream of tourists. Do not miss the Cat Ba National Park during your stay. Cat Ba Island, located on the southern flank of Halong Bay, is a real gold mine for nature lovers.



Cool down – Sa Pa





Located at 1,650 m above sea level, Sa Pa is one of the coldest cities in Vietnam. Spend a night in a Hmong village in Sa Pa is a must when in Vietnam that you will not forget. A chance to get a local experience as well as seeing some of the most beautiful rice paddies of the country.



Best Cuisine in Viet Nam – Hoi An





Hoi An is famous for its gastronomy. As an international port established in the 17th and 18th century, the food there was strongly influenced by the foreigner culture. Hoi An, however, still has its specialty dishes: white rose dumplings, also known as Bath vac, steamed rice flour dumpling with a center of ground shrimp meat with delicate folds looking like a flower. If you need something more than an appetizer, the true speciality from Hoi the Cao Lau is a dish that you cannot miss: fat, chewy, yellowed noodles served with slices of fatty pork, beans sprouts, raw greens, crunchy bits of rice crackers and a dark rich pork broth melting in your mouth. There are still more countless dishes to try in Hoi An such as the Bun Bo, Banh bot loc, or Banh Mi. Watch your weight if you want to continue your backpacking trip!



Best nightlife – Ho Chi Minh City





Though there are many places you can visit in HCMC, the town is well known for its very active and affordable nightlife. Rooftop bars, casinos, restaurants, clubs, theaters are numberless in Saigon. You can find in Saigon plenty of places where you can get the party started from the most select Rooftop bar to the most affordable food street. Just name it and you get it!



Best Market in Viet Nam – Mekong Delta





Say goodbye to your scooter, and welcome to the Mekong River. This region close to HCMC is famous for its floating market, especially Phung Hiep and Cai Be. Farmers from every corner of the Delta come here to sell and buy their products, and you can find there almost everything you can think of. From the common tropical fruits like coconuts, mango, oranges, to weird things like turtles, snakes, and even boxes full of insects, depending on the local season. On this floating market, you can also find floating restaurants, bars, gas stations, and even shops. The market opens at 3 am so you should prepare well if you want to explore this unique market in Viet Nam.



Beach please! – Mui Ne





Mui Ne is the perfect spot to enjoy water sports, beaches, admire impressive sand dunes or enjoy hot-air balloon flights. There is enough adrenaline here to keep the more adventurous happy! and if that is not enough, rent a motorbike for around $ 30 and go up the mountain trails to Dalat.



Chill out – Lak Lake





Chill out as you venture to Lake Lak, Vietnam’s largest natural lake. Kayak and enjoy the calm waters, beautiful scenery and explore the village of Jun; A colony of Mnong houses on wooden stilts.



Hiking – Phong Nha





If you are not tired of exploring the incredible nature of Vietnam, visit Phong Nha. Lush mountains, limestone karsts but also caves classified as the most beautiful in the world.


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