Viet Nam is no doubt one of the most amazing places to travel as a backpacker. From Hanoi and his culture, the amazing coast and islands in Halong Bay, the irresistible food of Hoi An, the exciting nightlife in HCMC to the gorgeous market in the Mekong Delta, Viet Nam has a lot to propose and has stolen already the heart of many travelers. Hop on your scooter and get ready for your lifetime trip through this incredible country!



Best cultural life in Viet Nam – Hanoi






At first, you may be amazed by how noisy and active Hanoi can be. In the rush hour time, Hanoi’s streets are flooded with thousands of scooters, and traveling here becomes a real challenge. Although Hanoi reached millennium-old, it is now getting into the state of an Art City. The town has preserved some of the most historic sightseeing in Viet Nam as the Temple of Literature, the National University, Hoan Kiem Lake, Thang Long Water Puppet Theater, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and many Pagodas. These places and activities will cost you an enormous amount of energy, so do not forget to fill you up with the most famous dish of Viet Nam, a Hanoi speciality: the Pho.


Best Coast in Viet Nam – Halong Bay



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Halong City is roughly a three-hour drive East of Hanoi by bus along Highway 18. From here, cruises for Halong Bay depart from Bai Chay. The bay contains a vast amount of limestone karsts and islands in many shapes and sizes. It is told that they are a barrier created by a friendly dragon to protect Vietnam sea from invaders. Each of them has its story and legend.
Travelers can get a hut on the beach and enjoy the island feel with the sound of the sea. Depending on your courage, there are many activities to experience here: boat cruises, crayoning, scuba diving, cave visiting, etc.



Best Cuisine in Viet Nam – Hoi An






Hoi An is famous for its cuisine. As an international port established in the 17th and 18th century, the food there is strongly influenced by the foreigner culture. Hoi An, however, still has its specialty dishes. White rose dumplings, also known as Bath vac, is a steamed rice flour dumpling with a center of ground shrimp meat, and its delicate folds look like a flower. If you need something more than an appetizer, the true Hoi An Speciality – Cao lau – is a dish that you cannot miss. Fat, chewy, yellowed noodles served with slices of fatty pork, beans sprouts, raw greens, crunchy bits of rice crackers and a dark, rich pork broth melting in your mouth. There are still countless dishes to try in Hoi An as Bun Bo, Banh bot loc, or Banh Mi, and you should watch your weight if you want to continue your backpacking trip.



Best nightlife – Ho Chi Minh City






Though there are many places you can visit in HCMC, the town has a very active and cheap nightlife. Rooftop bars, casinos, restaurants, clubs, theaters are the choice form of nightlife entertainment in Saigon. Here you just name it, and you get it! You’ll find there plenty of places where you can get the party started from the legendary Apocalypse Now to the most select Rooftop bar where you can enjoy your cocktail while admiring the town. Saigon, we love you!



Best Market in Viet Nam – Mekong Delta






Say goodbye to your scooter, and welcome to the Mekong River. This region close to HCMC is famous for its floating market, especially Phung Hiep and Cai Be. Farmers from every corner of the Delta come here to sell and buy their products, and you can find there almost everything you can think of. From the common tropical fruits like coconuts, mango, oranges, to weird things like the heap of turtles, snakes, or even box full of insects, depending on the local season. On this floating market, you can also find out other floating things as restaurants, bars, gas stations, and even shops. The market opens at 3 am on only a typical day, so you should prepare well if you want to explore this unique market in Viet Nam.

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