7 Good reasons to go to the Vintage Fashion Bazaar in Saigon this Saturday




We will not hide it, vintage is trendy. When reason makes us return to more responsible consumption patterns, second-hand clothes become a convincing alternative to fast fashion. To buy second-hand clothes is far from being a has-been, anti-fashion or completely outdated. On the contrary, it’s a real gold mine. To browse, hunt, shop in the vintage fashion bazaar, this weekend, it’s still more fun than spending the afternoon in a mall! So, if you are not already convinced, here are some additional reasons that will end up seducing you.






Vintage is trendy

To buy used clothes is a way to discover unique pieces that you will not risk to find on your neighbor. For those who want to add a more personal and original touch to their outfits, to create a unique style matching their personality, this is the ideal. With vintage there are no rules, you can have fun mixing periods, materials and colors freely.





Quality is at the rendezvous

If a dress of the 50s has managed to hold up without losing a button or being deformed in the washing machine in nearly 70 years that means that there is a reason. Think again, the next time your last $ 100 T-shirt has shrunk despite a delicate washing at 30°!





It’s ethical

Buying clothes made of linen, organic cotton and other noble and eco-responsible materials is good, but not everyone can afford it. That’s why buying used clothes means also participating in a circular economy. By offering second life to these clothes, we limit the extraction of new raw materials, we do not produce anything new: we revalue what already exists. Why make and buy new clothes when there are already so many beautiful and unique!





To save money is possible!

Buying second-hand clothes and renewing your wardrobe more often, at a very low price, is this not a convincing argument?





To find again a social link

Trading with private sellers and exchange with friends is much less impersonal in a bazaar than in a store.




Cleanliness and non-toxicity

Lead, arsenic or nickel is the list of toxic products contained in the new clothes found in stores today. The new clothes are shown in an impeccable way, certainly, but they are covered with toxic products to make them more attractive. Used clothes are less exposed to the toxins, as these ones will be eliminated with the washings.




For the good cause

The Vintage Fashion Bazaar in Saigon this weekend is also above all for a good cause, as all proceeds from the sales go to Saigon Children’s Charity, an organization that works to support poor children of Saigon.

So, no more excuses for not going there!


Vintage Fashion Bazaar

Saturday April 20th from 2 pm to 6pm

RuNam Bistro, 106 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ward 6, District 3. HCMC





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