Travelling or moving to a foreign country is not easy, and even overwhelming for most of the people, especially when you are alone. Here are six ways to find yourself new friends and overcome all difficulties.




Live in a shared flat or stay in a hostel

These places are usually full of foreign people who are also looking for some friends. You will also have some chance to meet residents, who will be your best guide in your new place.





Take a class

It does not have to be an academic one. Language, music, dance, yoga or any class that are available can do the job. It is much easier for you to make friends with people sharing the same interests.







Volunteer activity is available for anyone and often does not ask a high requirement. The people there are usually helpful, trustworthy and very friendly, so you can hardly stay alone.






Feature image and First pageLearn the language

In a foreigner country, the language barrier is usually the reason for not making a new friend. You cannot become friend with someone if you do not understand each other. Learn a new language does not only get you a friend but is also good for your future job as well.





Play sport

There is no need to say more. Sport is always the best way to meet people, no matter where you from, even when you do not speak the same language.








Social network

If you can read and write some local language, why not join a social community. They are free and have millions of members, so easy to make new friends there!




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